RAS Syndrome

Some acronyms are often used incorrectly by adding the first (or any word) of said and thus making it redundant.
Today i found out there is a coined word for that: Ras Syndrome

There are only three examples in the article but i can come up with a few more:

DVD Disc (Compact Versatile Disc Disc)
ADSL Line (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Line)
Microsoft MS-DOS (Microsoft MicroSoft-Disk Operating System)
PDF Format (Portable Document Format Format)
LAN Network (Local Area Network Network)
TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Protocol)
MIDI Interface (Musical Instrument Digital Interface Interface)
LCD display (Liquid Crystal Display display)
VIP Person (Very Important Person Person)
JEB Bush(John Ellis Bush Bush)
RAID Array (Redundant Array of Independent Disks Array)
RPG Game (Role Playing Game Game)
ATI Technologies Inc (Array Technologies Incorporated Technologies Incorporated)
NHL Hockey League (National Hockey League Hokey League)

Would you add anything to this list?






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