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  • How to install asrock 330HT remote

    Quick howto on installing 330HT remote in Ubuntu 10.10 Open an terminal First we’ll need lirc: sudo apt-get install lirc Select ”None” for both ”remote control configuration” and ”IR transmitter” And then install lirc-modules-source: sudo apt-get install lirc-modules-source Now for Nuvoton 677 .deb’s wget ”” Unzip this: unzip IR\(10.10\) Install the deb inside the unzipped […]

  • Showaddr – tool to add shows to rssdler

    Howdy! Made a set of php scripts to ease the use of adding of shows from an rss feed to get downloaded with rtorrent. What now? Let me explain. Lets say we have an rss feed, for example, with different podcasts. We want to download all new episods of a selected few of shows in […]