Sept 11 spectacles

This looks like an growing trend; people trying to milk the cow that is September 11 for their own gain.

Dont get me wrong, what happend in 2001 was a tragedy but trying to game it is pathetic.
Rudy Giuliani tried this in the early years after 2001 by trying to boost himself as a hero (since he was the mayor of NYC he had to be, right? :P )

Terry Jones joins in this year with a very “creative” idea: by burning the qouran.
And why? Because  there are plans of building a mosque 5 blocks from ground zero, the fact that there are two strip clubs, a gambling business and a sex toy shop closer then that dosen’t seem to bother anyone.

David Paterson nails it when saying:

“This reminds me of a number of people in different areas who say something that is completely outrageous and all of sudden they’ve got their 15 minutes of fame.”

I end this post with another quote:

“To be fair, we have been building ground zero’s nearby mosques overseas since 2001”

Sources: DN GP GP SvD

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