Install Gargyole on a fonera (fon2100)

fon 2100
The La Fonera is a wireless router that runs a light version of Openwrt, and to make the most of it i am going to install Gargoyle firmware.

First off, do NOT connect the device to internet, since it will try to update its firmware and you can only hack version up to 0.7.1 r1.

Give it some juice by hooking up it to the 5v power adapter, and connect to the “MyPlace” network, the key is the serial on the bottom sticker of the device.

If you dont find a MyPlace or it wont accept your key, you need to reset it to the original firmware by holding the reset button on the bottom 15-20 secs (not longer)

Open and check your version, it needs to be 0.7.1 r1 or below, if not; you would need to downgrade it.

Click the advanced link and login with admin / admin.

Download (right click and save as) sshenable.html to your computer, open it and press submit.

open a terminal (spotlight: terminal) and ssh to the device.

ssh -l root

password is admin.

rename sshd so it starts at boot.
mv /etc/init.d/dropbear /etc/init.d/S50dropbear

Download out.hex and openwrt-ar531x-2.4-vmlinux-CAMICIA.lzma to a folder (fonera).
Start another terminal and change directory to the folder
cd fonera

transfer out.hex and openwrt-ar531x-2.4-vmlinux-CAMICIA.lzma files to the /tmp on the device.

scp openwrt-ar531x-2.4-vmlinux-CAMICIA.lzma root@
scp out.hex root@

Now we patch the kernel

mtd -e vmlinux.bin.l7 write openwrt-ar531x-2.4-vmlinux-CAMICIA.lzma vmlinux.bin.l7

…and reboot


Once available, reconnect to MyPlace.

ssh in again:

ssh -l root

…and patch redboot conf.

mtd -e "RedBoot config" write out.hex "RedBoot config"

…and reboot!


Download fonflash from and the gargoyle version you would like to use, i have 1.3 and uptime of (may 12 2011) 37 days without a issue.
Unplug the power and make sure you have the ethernet cable hooked up.
Set firmware type to gargyole, and select both your downloaded Gargyole .squashfs and .lzma files.

Hit start in fonflash and wait a few seconds and then power up your fon router by plugging it in.
It will now flash your fon to gargyole and can take up to 30 mins, fonflash will tell you when it’s done.

Please leave a comment if you don’t get it to work!

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